It has been a week. I’ve been working lately on a site for a non-prof out in California. Their mission is the spread of invasive plant species in California. I built them a system to allow the crowdsourcing of their Spring Nursery Survey, which is where they send folks out to various botanical nurseries around the state and make sure that they aren’t selling any plants that they shouldn’t be selling.

It’s not illegal to sell invasive plant species, most of them are quite pretty. It’s only when they jump the garden fence and escape into the wild that they become a problem. Being invasive means basically that they grow totally out of control, a big problem in a wildfire prone state like CA.

Anyhoo, what I’ve done is build them a system that allows them to work a base of volunteers across the state to go out to nurseries and send back information about those nurseries and whether or not they’re selling some of this stuff that maybe they shouldn’t be. It’s an almost perfect use case for Drupal, so that kept me busy much of last month.

This month is two brand new clients from Austin, TX. One was already built and launched in a big old Wordpress sprint, and the other is my first legit “enterprise” client - a large Drupal setup on which I am now the sole developer.

I’m ready to play some music, but it’s kind of a good thing for the bottom line that I can’t this month. The end of this month ushers in festival season for me. To say I’m excited is nowhere near enough.

I really need to work up a new design. Later…