If the music business is ever going to be saved, if musicians are ever going to be allowed a chance to achieve a minimum standard of living, if we are going to rescue music itself from it’s place as today’s disposable trinket and restore it’s place as the universal human language, then the paradigm has got to be completely and utterly reinvented.

I knew what I was looking for, but I still didn’t quite get it. I was looking for some kind of way to make it easier to build successful band websites, but I was also looking for something that could be monetized, something that could make a decent amount of money for whoever provided the service. Therein lies the flaw. That same flaw has reduced the record business into a heap of garbage-producing rubble. That same flaw has lead to the consolidation of LiveNation and TicketMaster. That same flaw keeps untold quantities of great music out of the ears of eager listeners every day because the avenues for promotion and distribution simply weren’t available.

We can change that now.