It occurred to me last night during the show (where I do all of my best thinking) that of all of the thousands of websites that I’ve pored over in this quest, of all the books that I’ve perused, of all the tutorials that I’ve read and followed through, the one thing that was missing was the square one explanation of what the hell we’re doing here in the first place. Everything I’ve read so far assumes some sort of foreknowledge or education to prepare oneself for the task of learning software development. I have no such education. A few very basic concepts have to be put into place before one can train oneself to think like a computer (or more likely, to train your computer to think like you).

As I’ve said before, software dev is a new thing for me, so if anyone has any corrections or additions to anything I write, please send them to me. I am now attempting to write the complete and utter morons guide to learning software development. I want to be factually correct, of course. And without further adieu..