It’s kinda difficult. I feel bad for not really having much to say, but I’ve been pondering (probably excessively) over what direction it should really take.

My good buddy Anders, of Greensky fame and fortune, let me know that he checks it out from time to time. “Some of it’s really technical”, he says. Stacy says the same thing. “but then occasionally you’ll write something” pertinent. So, I’ve been pondering how to take it and relate it maybe to something else that makes the dryness of database theory a bit more palatable.

For instance, my post a while back about “Development Platforms”. That was a bunch of tripe that would only make sense if you were already a propellerhead. What I should’ve said was something like this:

A development platform, and choosing one to develop on, is sort of like deciding what style of music you want to play. If you really like the blues, you don’t have to invent the blues. Someone already did that and all you need to do is write some lyrics for your song, because the same 12 bar form has been there for decades now. That could be iPhone development. You want to build cool websites? The AABA form has been used to great effect to write countless jazz tunes since the 20s. All you need to do is pick a key and make up a progression. May I suggest rhythm changes? Ruby on Rails, well that’d probably be the blues since there’s the least amount of configuring to do before you get to the creative part.

Make more sense? My other buddy Jay (of Donna the Buffalo fame and fortune) has a great analogy for database theory that I’ll get to when I have a chance. I have way more free time on the road than at home these days. See y’all later…