Been reading the Harry Potter books for a few years with the family at night, and in the middle gets introduced this thing of Dumbledore’s called the “Pensieve”, which is like a bowl into which Dumbledore can put his memories so he doesn’t have to keep them all in his head.

I just realized I’ve been doing this, sort of, for the last year or so. I’m full on manager now, all I do is phones calls for the first half of any given day. I started taking notes with pen and paper sometime last year. Lately it’s a lot of thoughts I don’t want to forget, or questions I want to ask but don’t want to interrupt the speaker.

It started out as organized, action items to follow up on or something that made me feel more organized. Now I just think the physical act of writing things down with a pen is really helpful, with a bonus that I have a few things that make sense to me later when look back on it.