The ongoing sorrow in my life is this

You can build an awesome website, and then where are you?

The answer is that you’re ahead of at least some of the craptastic pack. The rest of the answer is that you’ve just taken a major step into proving that you take yourself seriously on the internet. You have opened Pandora’s box, my friend, and if you think you can shut it, the world will know just what a punk you are. After all, the days when your website was the totality of your internet presence have faded into our collective long-term memories by this point. I’m not gonna say “social networking is just as, if not more important” because that would be insulting your intelligence. Besides, you already know how much more time you spend on Facebook than the best band website out there.

So now I have to babysit this thing, too?

And this is where the drudgery begins, my friends. Take it from someone who valiantly attempted to up the ante on RRE’s web presence the internet is a big place. There are plenty of musicians out there that are intensely adept at using one or more facets of their web presence to the fullest effect, but it takes practice. If you’re on Twitter, would you do me a favor and follow the @stringdusters? I’m not sure who does the posting for them, but I think it’s the one Anders calls “Panda”. He gets it. And he gets it more every day. It’s been something to behold over the past few months, and it makes me envious somewhere in my heart that I’m not as good a Twitterer as they. But I also know that someone with a hammer that bangs Twitter nails probably isn’t as sharp or as diligent about banging the Facebook nails, or the Tumblr nails, or hell, what’s going on on their website?

Are you with me so far?