The Book of Platform -

Getting started

In this chapter we’ll walk through the process of setting up and deploying your very first project on We’ll go through the free trial and checkout process, clone a simple project from a public GitHub repository, and push it to your new project.

After that we’ll dazzle you with how easy it is to set up development environments for various features with the click of a button. We’ll make a couple of simple code changes and deploy them each separately to their own hosting environments and then merge everything back together to get it ready for a production release.

Step 1 - new project creation

The easiest way to get started is to take advantage of’s free 1 month trial. This will allow you to step through this on boarding tutorial free of charge and get familiar with the way we make it easier for you to decide for yourself whether or not is a good fit for your team.

On the front page of’s website you can find a link to a Free Trial, currently at top right of the main navigation. Clicking through that brings you to the account creation workflow. I personally prefer just creating an account on the site for whatever given service, but you are also free to take advantage of our Bitbucket, GitHub, or Google integrations for authentication.