Here’s a band with the resources to do something cooler than they are. Is it just me or is this front page totally overstuffed with info, rendering it almost impossible to glean the useful bits at a glance? Are the links at the top of the page really 2003 looking? Are there an obscene amount of links on the right border that take forever to load?

Or is it just me?

Edit: I count 16 banners of equal size and flashiness (90% of which point to the same merchandise page) on the right margin and 30 or so news items. I’m all about having interesting content on the front page, but this looks like our shoe closet. And we don’t wear most of the shoes that we own…

Another edit: I wrote this post the week before the Hampton victory frothing ceremony. They’ve obviously had a recent injection of motivation capital and have gotten their web game back together a bit.