I’d said earlier that I’d use this blog as a tool to try and explain the process that I’m going through so as to hopefully help some of you understand what has led me to this decision (to quit my awesome band).

I’m changing my mind.

Most of what I’m feeling and doing and going through at this point is way too personal and, the existence of this blog notwithstanding, I’m kind of a private person.

Edit: what I mean is that I’m going write about whatever is on my mind, just like I’ve always done. I’ve felt something of a mental block since I made my pronouncement on the purpose of this blog. I didn’t really feel like talking about what a wreck I was after the last CO show, or how Vince Guaraldi set me off Sunday afternoon after Stroudsburg. It’s my bidness, and there’s not really much to say about it. So, I’m just going to resume writing about whatever…