This is a little collection of books that I’ve found helpful over the past few years, ranging from design to development to business to fiction.


* The Well-Grounded Rubyist - Great second programming book. * Agile Web Development with Rails * Metaprogramming Ruby * Learn to Program - Great first programming book. * Design Patterns in Ruby


* Using Drupal - Great first Drupal book. * Drupal 6 Search Engine Optimization - Great general SEO book with heavy Drupal focus. * Pro Drupal Development

General Front End Development / Design / Usability

* CSS: the Missing Manual * Jquery Cookbook * Don’t Make Me Think! * Web Design for ROI * The Design of Everyday Things

General Back End Development / Databases

* Learning SQL * Beginning Database Design

iPhone / Cocoa

* Cocoa Programming for OS X * iPhone SDK Development

General Business / Startup Culture

* Founders At Work * Tribes * Linchpin * Blink