Seems a shame to have this site over here, ostensibly my personal site, and not be doing anything with it. Seems a shame because so much of the last four months has been so personal. It’s been the hardest, weirdest, best, worst four months of my life so far.

I haven’t really been in-between-chapters-of-my-life for a very long time, and I now remember what it feels like. It’s why I moved back down to ATL to take some shitty job at the Guitar Center, just so I’d have something to do. I don’t equate my situation with not having enough to do, BTW, but RRE at least gave me some kind of purpose. Rather, RRE made me feel like I had some kind of purpose. Even the last few years when I was pretty good and miserable, it still gave me something to rail against.

Now it’s not my problem anymore.

Now I’ve got two boys.

Now I’m embarking on a new career that got a firm shove in a direction this week.

I’m in San Francisco right now, getting ready to fly back to Jersey. I’ve been on the fence for as long as I’ve been doing this dev thing about what exactly kind of dev did I want to be. So many cool technologies, so many cool paradigms, a few of them able to actually get done what I’ve wanted to get done since I started this journey.

I had narrowed it down to two frameworks - pretty much opposite each other. Rails - the exotic, well-heeled cool kid on the block - and Drupal - the giant open source free-for-all. I came to the DrupalCon this week and am pretty much in love. I met some great people, many working on ideas that are very close to mine, ultimately. When asked what I do I said “I’m a developer”. When they asked if I was a freelancer I say, “Yes.”

“I’m a career changer.”

Anyway, I got the same warm, fuzzy vibe from this scene here this week that I got at festivals. Hanging out with like-minded folks, learning lots of cool stuff, people serious about creating a movement.

I can now put aside my dreams of Ruby coolness for a little while.

I’m a Drupal developer.

PS - people at DrupalCon think ignoredByDinosaurs is a cool name. They don’t ask what it means, they just say “oh, that’s cool.”

I’m home.