Hello, faithful. Or curious. Or google searchers. As usual I’ve got too many ideas and too much work and not enough time or attention span.

The iBD project lives here, or rather is in gestation here. It’s probably going to be a few weeks at the least until i can actually put some time into it. As I see it, there’s a goodish amount of work to be done. Gee, I wonder if that’s why nobody has really tried this before? Anyway, in the meantime I have some actual work that I need to get off of my plate and into my portfolio. Being a relative Drupal newby presents many thrilling challenges.

The good news is that one of my current client projects involve calendaring, a big portion of the to-do list for this project. Drupal already has most of this ground covered for us, but implementation is going to be key. Adding an actual calendar does up the complexity, both for us as the builders and installers and for the end-client, the bands.

eCommerce is the big deal here, I think. For too long it’s been in the hands of someone else for most bands. That’s got to change. If anyone knows more than I do about Amazon S3, please chime in. I think DIY content distribution is going to be the paradigm of the near-future, and it’s not that difficult for developers to do. The challenge is to create a system that not to difficult for bands to do. As always. A system that monitors digital content downloads on the site and automatically throttles up cloud distribution as needed?

Anyway, just a quick “hi”, and to let you know that I’m around if you need me.